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  • What do I do if I drop an acrylic product?
    Unfortunately it will probably crack, so be careful
  • How do I clean my acrylic product?
    Never use Windex, or high strength glass cleaners. Certain chemicals found in glass cleaners will add stress to the acrylic, and after a while you will see tiny cracks materialize. Either use a product designed for cleaning acrylic, or add a few drops of milld dish soap to water in a spray bottle.
  • Will the acrylic turn yellow in the sun?
    No, clear acrylic has UV inhibiters in it which will keep it from changing due to exposure to ulta violet light.
  • Do you give quantity discounts if I want to buy multiples of your products to resell?
    Yes, Quantity pricing is always available. Please go to our contact page, and give us a call. We would be happy to work out a deal with you that works for us both.
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